Green mouse technology provides the best web training courses, we offer the best lectures that will bring you up to speed on creative design and technical skills.

With the knowledge we have, we are willing to train you in developing and improving your skills professionally, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of web design and development, advancing your professional level,

We will teach you all you need to learn about web development and its necessary tools such as html and css, java script, php and wordpress.

GreenMouse  Course Outline РWeb designing


DAY 1. Installation of web materials:  Adobe dreamwaver, wamp, Adobe fireworks, Wamp Server
Introduction to the elements.

DAY 2. HTML linkage into CSS
CSS Training

DAY 3. Web layout with CSS and XHTML
CSS Continue

DAY 4. Fireworks web graphics
Web banner and other graphics images design training

DAY 5. Javascript animation using j-query plugins
Dynamic image/Animation

DAY 1. Project 1
Design a full statics with animation

DAY 2. Website formatting and use of fonts.
Additional web features; scrolling image, newsletter subscription.

DAY 3. Contact form and feedback form.
Dynamic contact form & feedback Response.

DAY 4. Introduction to php using includes to build website header, footer and dynamic sections.
Introduction to php using includes, using syntax

DAY 5. Project 2
Design a dynamic website using php for dynamic layout sections.

DAY 1. Continuation of php
DAY 2. Introduction to mysql
Introduction to phpmy admin

DAY 3. Introduction to WordPress
Building a responsive website with WordPress

DAY 4. Design templating using WordPress and Use of WordPress editor
Project on WordPress

DAY 5. Certificate awarding/Sent forth


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