There is absolutely no limit to where our passion can carry us to.
I had a degree in mass communication, but I am now a professional graphic artist. Why? Because of passion…Who’s passion? My Passion.

Stay with me while I dish my story;
Every body has gotten passion for something, that thing that gives them unconditional joy and happiness when they do it. The only challenge here is finding that passion.

As a child, I have always love to keep my environment clean and flashy, positioning and changing the seating room chairs every Saturday, decorating the dining table with fresh flowers. I mean I’ve always been passionate about designs and creativity. There was a time I used rafia sheets to make table mat. I am creative like that. Doh!

Sometimes we could find our passion, from those things we do at home for which our parents praise us while growing up. Most of these things we do by reflex, not being pushed or told to do before we do them.

My first job was in an aviation firm. It was prestigious, with relatively good income, but I didnt feel fulfilled. I was not passionate about it. Mondays were my worst days. I was exaserated. So I decided to follow my passion. I started drawing on paper canvas, in my spare time while i still worked, and used social media to showcase my drawings. I was amazed by the feedback I got from friends. I had to quit my aviation job, to pursue passion.

So I had to get down to work, honing my skills. I downloaded lots of graphic design tutorials. Even though getting use to these softwares was quite challenging, I still kept practicing alone, my passion was my motivator. I wanted to be able to express my ideas in texts, colours, images and more; those where things I enjoyed.

You remember that saying about opportunity and preparedness? Yeah!I got lucky, Thanks to Mr Victor Nwadinobi, the creative director at Greenmouse Technologies. He saw my passion and decided to add me to his team at Greenmouse. Green Mouse Technologies, is a website designing company involved in mobile App development, domain name and hosting, logo design/branding, etc. These are exactly what I had wanted. I was elated, I felt I have stepped up the stage, where I can change the world.

Greenmouse Technologies, brushed up my skills and taught me skills ranging from HTML, CSS, WORDPRESS, PHP/MYSQL, etc. My expectation was exceeded. Today, I am proud of what I do, I feel fulfilled being a graphic and web designer. I feel excited working with Greenmouse Technologies.

So, you see, there is really no limits to where your passion can take you. Have you discovered your passion? If you have, then pursue it, with everything you got. I you havent, just look inwards, search your mind and ask yourself the dee questions. You will surely get answers and when you do, run with it! Only then would you find true fulfillment and happiness.

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