About Diamond International School

Diamonds International School is a private, nonsegregated nursery and primary school: as such enrollment is open to all. From birth, children begin to develop the skills to acquire the knowledge and characteristics for adulthood.

During a child’s early years, when he/she is developing his/her mind, he/she is in constant motion. Movement is the natural steady state for a young child because it is through motion that he learns. We see children coming to grips with their environment, and we often call it play, but it is indeed work. The feeling, the manipulating, the tasting, the smelling is part of the difficult task of becoming an adult. A child can learn co-operation, problem solving, language, mathematics and socialization during this important period.

At Diamonds International School, we work with nature, not against it, in helping your child achieve his or her goal. Our programme taps the endless energies, the creative impulses, and insatiable curiosities of the children and gradually directs their effort into rewarding channels